Since the dawn of time, nature has made use of colour and shape to ensure survival.  Our ancestors quickly learned how to look more frightening to an enemy or more attractive to a mate by using a variety of colours, artefacts and practices.  As the centuries passed, the techniques and rituals became more sophisticated and the art of changing one's appearance to achieve an end desire, has become an intrinsic part of human behaviour in every culture on earth.

Today, many of us feel under pressure to 'conform' to our peer group. Are we too tall or too short, too fat or too thin?  Will others find us attractive?  These nagging doubts have led to an enormous upsurge in cosmetic surgery, particularly in the USA, where the drive to be 'perfect', has reached epidemic proportions.  

Why has this happened?  It may be that in today's fast moving society, it is just not possible to relate on a personal level with everyone we meet and so we have subconsciously developed a mental shorthand that lets us make quick judgements based on appearance.  It may not be very fair but we do it all the time and those who 'look the part' or 'fit in' get the pick of the jobs and enjoy greater acceptance socially and commercially.

There are those of course, who take little or no account of their appearance and in the middle are the vast majority of us, who might prefer to look  younger, more attractive or possibly more businesslike but are unwilling to submit to expensive and painful surgery to create a different impression.


A Personal Message from Pat Scott Vincent

Hello and welcome to my web site

Did you know  the average woman spends around 400 a year on clothes and accessories which they subsequently do not use?   Click here for more info   

Never waste money again on clothes or cosmetics that don't work, by learning how to shop with confidence and always look your best.  This is what Colourflair is all about; giving you  the knowledge to make the right choices.

Colour is fundamental to our well being and appearance. Using the right colours, close to your face, can do a 'ten years younger', without the pain!   Discover which shades lift shadows and make your complexion bloom. 

Learn how to flatter your shape. with our unique Body Mapping System, Once you understand the way line and design works in relation to your body, it can be used to disguise or enhance as you choose.

Those of us who work in this rewarding and enjoyable field are accustomed to people discovering  they look much better than they thought and what is more, can take control for themselves.

The investment in knowledge, is easily recovered in one season.  But the increase in confidence when we know we are LOOKING GOOD is priceless  Whether you are considering a career as a Consultant,  or just want some help with your wardrobe, you have come to the right place. 

Discover the fascinating history that paved the way to present day colour and image knowledge -

Take our free personality test and discover fascinating information about yourself and the colours that harmonise with your skintone.

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Pat Scott Vincent

Pat Scott Vincent is the founder of Colourflair and has been running her own training courses for Image Consultants since 1984. She has worked for many organizations over the years, from major corporations like Sony and the Body Shop, to our local Enterprise Agency and Varndean School.  Many fashion retailers, from Marks & Spencers to Country Casuals, have also used her services.  Her informal and friendly approach has made her very popular and much sought after as a speaker and trainer

Pat is a founder member - Master (MFIPI) and FELLOW (FFIPI) of the Federation of Image Professionals International and a past President. She holds the prestigious City & Guilds Award in Colour & Image Consultancy, together with diplomas in Life Coaching, Colour Therapy and Feng Shui.


Pat Scott Vincent

Founder of Colourflair

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