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"How to look your best for the rest of your life"

These days we frequently see people on TV or in magazines having their appearance dramatically improved.  We can discover the secret of how to do this by visiting a Colourflair Consultant, who will show you how to use colour and style to make flattering purchases with confidence and skill.

This will not only enable you to look your personal best for the rest of your life but also save money into the bargain!   Update your image today and start looking and feeling good.

Don't be put off by rudeness and bullying you often see on TV.  Colourflair Consultants are not trying to score points to entertain a bored TV audience; they are there to help you look your best for the rest of your life

A Personal Colour Analysis

During the consultation, which takes around two and a half hours, you will be shown how to recognise your body's harmonious colours and how to use them. Clients find the effect almost magical.

Your FREE personalised Colourflair Fan, with over a hundred shades to guide you, will ensure maximum benefit, without loss of colour co-ordination, when choosing clothes, cosmetics and even interior design schemes.  You will also learn clever tricks with colour to make your existing clothes work, even if they are not perfect.

For female clients a make-up lesson is included, while male clients have advice on their business and casual wardrobe.   Please note that some consultants do not cater for men so please check when booking.  Price guide  arouind £95.00. depending on services offered and location

A Colourflair consultation is very different from what is usually understood by the term "having your colours done".  It is a very personal analysis of those elements of yourself which relate to your skin tone.  For example, your temperament, feeling for colour and other genetic aspects like the pattern in your iris.  This information will greatly assist you to understand why colour is so important and how to make it work for you!

For this reason, although we will conduct a double analysis where friends particularly wish to come together, coming on your own enables you to  concentrate on your own needs. 

For Local Consultants & Gift Vouchers


The Female Style and Wardrobe Workshop.

Learn how to recognise your own unique body shape with Colourflair's exclusive Body Mapping System.  Discover your innate style personality and receive practical guidance on how to bring this into your daily life and get maximum enjoyment from every garment you wear.  Discover how to choose your most flattering spectacle frames, hair styles and jewellery.

You will be requested to bring a small selection of clothes and shoes with you, including items which work, items which do not work for you and clothes you need help with.  

This Consultation takes about three hours and includes a  FREE, individual  STYLE GUIDE.  This 28 page booklet is packed with general and personal information to ensure you remember everything you have learned.        Price guide for complete consultation is around £130.00 depending on services offered and location

These two services can be combined in one day to provide a complete MAKEOVER.

For Local Consultants & Gift Vouchers

For information about a consultant near you, please e-mail us at: consultants@colouflair.com stating the type of consultation required and area in which you live or visit and we will do our best to help.


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