Colourflair courses open the door to a fascinating new and interesting life for those who enjoy working with people and love colour.   With  30 years of experience behind them, the courses teach you everything you need to know in a simple style that is easily absorbed.  Logical and detailed, they make learning new skills an enjoyable experience.

Saving the Planet!   We have transferred all our manuals and most of our miscellaneous information to electronic format.  This saves around 2 Kilos of paper on every Advanced Colour Course and a huge amount of photocopying!  We are passing on our savings to you with reduced prices all round.   For those of you who prefer traditional printed manuals, these are still available...

You may want to become a Colour Consultant but have concerns about the cost especially as some companies will charge you several thousands of pounds for the privilege.  Our new improved courses save paper, copying and postage, as all the heavy paper based manuals have been transferred to electronic format.  

Colourflair Courses are already amazing value and comply with the requirements of the joint Federation of Image Professionals International (FIPI)  & City & Guilds award in Image Consultancy.  So please don't think that because the price is low, you are getting some second best or cut down course.  We also offer support in setting up your business and help you avoid costly mistakes.

For those who need extra help or simply want to check us out before buying, we have quick start day seminars available for the Colour courses, at the special price of 255. 

There is no obligation to purchase a course and you can take up the option to go ahead at any time,  These Day Seminars include a Colour Consultation, followed by a chance to ask questions, see our materials and get more information on any aspect that interests you most.  We even throw in a light lunch and beverages

Extra Training days are always available, although we find that very few feel the need, as we guide you every step along the way.   Telephone or e-mail support is available 5 days a week.

DISTANCE LEARNING The manuals have been written with the distance learning student in mind and contain a wealth of information not available elsewhere. Whether you decide to take the quick start courses or work entirely by correspondence, you will be fascinated with the knowledge gathered about the client's genetic temperament and eye pattern. It is this genetic information, together with the excellent Colourflair draping system, which makes it possible to do the course effectively by distance learning.

DISCOVER IF THIS IS THE CAREER FOR YOU   Only by experiencing the consultation process, can you know what an enjoyable and satisfying way this is to increase your income.  This is why we offer you the opportunity to experience the Advanced Colour Course,  as a stand-alone quick start day seminar.  This includes your own Consultation and Personal Colour Fan, together with the opportunity to meet us, examine the materials and ask any questions you like.

This system is such a joy to work with.  You will not be pressured in any way to train with us, as we know the quality of our courses and like to work with people who are as enthusiastic as we are.  However, you will always have the benefit of what you have learned, as the Colourflair Consultation is a life changing experience.


You will find this bargain days training, a great way to get started and you are under no obligation to purchase a course on the day . 

To book your Day Seminar which is held in Kent  Please click here

ADVANCED COLOUR COURSE    Enables you to qualify as a Colour Consultant and show clients how they can look 10 years younger. draw admiring glances, and save a small fortune by eliminating buying mistakes. .Even 18 year olds have been impressed.
Associate membership of the Association of Colourflair Consultants is all qualifying students at no extra cost

The aim of the Colourflair system is to develop confident consultants who can create confident clients.  The client, who has thoroughly enjoyed herself as she learnt, will share this enthusiasm with her family and friends. One of the best possible sources of further income.


Please click here for Course Prospectus


GETTING STARTED We have always tried to make getting started as straightforward as possible by including in the kits, everything needed to complete your chosen course with the exception of Salon Sundries, Cosmetics and Skin care.  Those who choose to buy their materials as they progress can order them as required.

COSMETICS & SKINCARE are available for those who wish to use the delightful range of cosmetics from John van G and skin care from Susan Molyneaux.  

We also stock a wide range of Salon Sundries to help you set up your studio.  We are not a franchise, so you are free to purchase where you wish.

PAY AS YOU GO OPTION is available to those who want to spread their payments over three months- Please see Prospectus for more information

ASSOCIATION OF COLOURFLAIR CONSULTANTS   Membership of the Association, including the right to use the letters 'AMACC' after your name, is awarded with the colour certificate.

THE PROSPECTUS You will find a great deal more information, together with details of our competitive prices, for all the individual courses, together with a booking form.  To see the prospectus please click here.

For your convenience, we accept a wide range of Credit and Debit Cards enabling you to manage your finances or you can order direct from this site via Paypal

To receive unbiased advice,  e-mail me at


Pat Scott Vincent


Colourflair Founder                                             


Pat Scott Vincent
Founder of Colourflair


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Colour Analysis Training    Personal Consulatations     Gift Vouchers   Colour Fans     Retail & Trade Supplies
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The Federation Of Image Professionals International  
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The Association of Colourflair Consultants

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