Our inherited Personality, is an extremely important aspect of life, how we cope with everyday matters, relationships, work etc.  Knowing your good (and your not so good) points and choosing to work with them, rather than against them, makes it possible to improve many aspects of life and to be much happier and more comfortable with yourself. This also helps you understand others, who may behave very differently from you.

When the personality and skin tone do not match, the person has been pushed out of their natural self, due to pressures in life.  When this happens, finding and wearing their own colours can be a wonderful release, as they start to relax into their natural self. The only problem is that it may distort your responses to the questionnaire.

Nearly two thousand five hundred years ago, the great Greek Doctor, Hippocrates, established the four basic personality types as Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic and Melancholic and it is interesting that modern research has shown them to be just as valid today.

These he described as 'humours' and he related them to the bodily fluids, as he understood them at that time. It was also thought that these humours related to the colour of the skin.

Naturally this was dismissed by later doctors but since the concept of Personal Colour Analysis was developed in the late 1930s and 40s, people have gradually become aware that there is a correlation between the personality and the underlying skin tone. There is also a relationship to the  pattern of the iris in the eye, as this is also genetically influenced.

We have been working with this information since 1984 and find it surprisingly accurate in predicting which group of colours will suit individual personality types. Interestingly, the colours themselves seem to have their own personality. We find that colours, which have a cooler, receding effect, will suit quieter, more introverted people. While those who are more extroverted and outgoing are suited by warm colours, which generally seem to come towards you

Colours are extremely flexible, being developed from the three primary colours, red, blue, yellow plus black and white; so there are many colours which cross from "Season" to "Season" and it can be helpful to learn how to take advantage of this.

From our research, we know that at least 80% of the time, the skin tone, personality and colours will harmonise. Just filling in the questionnaire is of course, not as reliable , but we have found since offering this service, that many people have been amazed at how accurately it describes their temperament. We also know that the pattern in the iris of the eye will also predict these findings but we cannot examine the eye by e-mail - yet!

Simply work through the Personality Questionnaire below and make a note of your totals in each score., to receive an analysis of the personality in which you have scored most highly, PLUS information on your own most probable key colours.

Please complete the following questionnaire by counting the number of times you agree with a statement in each set.



You will generally find that you can answer yes or no to the following questions, however, if you feel that the statement applies some but not all of the time, score half, unless the question contains the word VERY, in which case only use yes or no.


  1. I usually find myself listening to other peoples problems, rather than talking about my own.
  2. I am quietly spoken and sometimes have to repeat myself
  3. I prefer to stick to plans once they are made and do not like last minute changes
  4. Although I tend to work more slowly than others, I do a thorough job
  5. I find it quite difficult to spend money on myself
  6. I find it hard to find time to spend on my appearance
  7. I have great patience with fiddly and time consuming jobs
  8. I have difficulty finding the energy to get started on a new project
  9. I don't enjoy conflict and will rather tell a 'little white' lie, than upset a friend
  10. In group situations, I often find myself watching and listening, rather than joining in

Don't forget to total each set as a separate score


  1. I am sociable person and enjoy talking to people
  2. I really enjoy being out and about but also need some time on my own
  3. I enjoy bright and exciting colours, though I do not necessarily wear them
  4. I can blush easily and/or have naturally pink cheeks
  5. People say I look young for my age (may not apply to the very young)
  6. I have an optimistic outlook on life
  7. Generally I have plenty of energy but it evaporates if I have to do something boring
  8. I frequently find I have taken on more work than can be managed in the time available
  9. I am flexible when coping with changes, in fact I like variety
  10. I don't always like to admit it, but I tend to be quite witty in a spontaneous manner

Don't forget to total each set as a separate score


  1. I always speak my mind and let people know exactly how I feel
  2. I can find others irritating, especially if they disagree with me
  3. When a friend suggests I try something new, my first reaction is usually negative
  4. I am frequently accused of being stubborn
  5. Even if a project is not going to plan, I hate to give up
  6. I am often the person who has to take charge in situations in order to get things done
  7. My energy level makes it difficult for me to relax and I am sometimes accused of being a 'workaholic'
  8. I often find that I have upset people without intending to
  9. I am well organised and like things to be under my control
  10. I get through work quickly and need to get on with something else straight away

Don't forget to total each set as a separate score


  1. I have been told that people find me aloof and difficult to approach
  2. I feel very self-conscious in group situations and prefer one to one encounters with a friend
  3. I am very analytical and need to go into things in great detail
  4. I find it difficult to cope with things which are not perfect and find other people rarely work to my standard
  5. I always take great care of my appearance and try not to be seen looking less than perfect
  6. Solitude is very important to me
  7. I am aware that I am more than normally concerned about how others think of me
  8. I wait for others to seek me out rather than making the first approach
  9. I try to avoid situations where people may become dependent on me
  10. I prefer work which does not involve me with other people

Don't forget to total each set as a separate score

Total your "yes" and "half" answers for each set then click here to discover your Personal Colourways


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