How will my Colour Fan save me money?
Using your colour fan as a guide, you will be able to choose colours in clothes, cosmetics, accessories and decorating schemes, that will not only harmonise with your Personality and Skin Tone but also with each other.

How much can I save?     Just have a look in your wardrobe and see how many clothes, cosmetics and accessories you have not used in the last 12 months - then tot up how much you have spent on them - you may be shocked!  Have you ever decorated or furnished a room and then been disappointed with the colour scheme?  What will that cost to put right and can you be sure the new scheme will work?

How do I know which fan to buy?  If you are not sure which fan to buy then you can complete our free Personality Questionnaire, which will give you a very good idea of your best colourway to choose.  We have used the questionnaire for 30 years and found it to be over 80% accurate in the studio.  It is important to answer the questions honestly and preferably at a time you can relax on your own and not be disturbed.

If I am still not sure - can I have a personal Consultation?
Yes please click here for more information

How do I use the fan?  There are are many ways to use the fan - Click here for more information

Can I get any help if I have questions?  Yes just e-mail us at info@colourflair.com

Do I get anything else if I order a fan? Yes- when you complete your purchase you will be sent a link to an in depth personality analysis based on your choice.  If you have a close score in another season it will be worth checking that one out too as you will recognise other aspects of your personality

Can I use my Credit or Debit card? Yes we use Paypal, who accept a wide range of Cards and you do not need an account to make a payment

How do I order a fan?  Click Here


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